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LEED BD+C: New Construction | v4 - LEED v4

Green vehicles

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LT Credit: Green Vehicles

Option 1. Electrical Vehicle Charging / Preferred Parking (NC, CS, Schools, Retail, Hospitality, HC)
Option 1. Electrical Vehicle Charging / Discounted Parking (NC, CS, Schools, Retail, Hospitality, HC)
  • Ensure that spaces with charging are clearly identified and reserved for electric vehicle use only.
  • Ensure that charging equipment is provided for at least 2% of all parking spaces.
  • Be sure that the charging equipment cut sheet or other manufacturer documentation includes all required information (charging level, standard met, and network capability).
  • Ensure that the charging equipment meets the credit requirements for charging level, the relevant standard, and network capability.
Option 2. liquid, gas, or battery facilities / preferred parking - (NC, CS, Schools, Retail, Hospitality, HC)
Option 2. liquid, gas, or battery facilities / discounted parking - (NC, CS, Schools, Retail, Hospitality, HC)
  • Be sure that the fueling station cut sheet or other manufacturer documentation includes the refueling rate per vehicle.
  • Ensure that the fueling rate is equal to at least 2% of the total parking capacity.
All Options
  • Ensure that the total parking capacity includes all the off-street spaces available to the project building’s users. If parking is shared with other buildings, located outside the LEED Project Boundary, or otherwise not clearly dedicated to the project building, it is strongly recommended that a brief narrative clarifying how the total capacity was determined be provided.
  • Note that projects are ineligible for this credit if no parking is provided to building users.
  • Preferred parking spaces have the shortest walking distance to the main entrance of the project, exclusive of spaces designated for people with disabilities. If a project has multiple main entrances or entrances for different groups, preferred spaces should be distributed.
  • If the parking area is subdivided for different kinds of building users (e.g. customers and employees, staff and students, ranking military officials), preferred parking spaces may be distributed proportionally across each parking area. Alternatively, one general preferred parking area with enough spaces for all user types (based on total parking capacity) may be provided.
  • Signage or pavement markings reserving the preferred parking spaces for green vehicles must be clear and permanently installed. "Green Vehicles" is acceptable signage language, as is any language that reflects the intent of the credit and the referenced standard. The referenced standard includes both low-emitting and fuel-efficient green vehicles; therefore, signage should not exclude either category. For example, "hybrids only" excludes efficient conventionally-fueled vehicles and is therefore not acceptable.
  • Option 1. Alternative-fuel vehicles - (Warehouses)
    Option 2. Reduced truck idling - (Warehouses)
  • Ensure that the site plan highlights the electrical connectors provided at the dock doors.
    Option 1 Green Passenger Vehicles - (Schools)
    Option 2 Green buses or school-owned vehicles - (Schools)
    • Ensure the phase-in plans includes the emissions evaluation of the current bus fleet serving the school, the retrofit strategies and products identified for achieving emissions reductions, the timeline for phase-in, and the parties responsible for each stage of the plan.
  • Selecting the RIght EV Charger for Your Project

    EV Chargers