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LEED BD+C: New Construction | v4 - LEED v4

Outdoor water use reduction


Submittal Tips (click to expand)

WE Prerequisite: Outdoor Water Use Reduction

Option 1
  • Make sure to include a list of plant species and water needs for the landscape area. If applicable, include irrigation establishment plan information.
  • Ensure that the narrative describes the water needs for the landscape areas (and the irrigation establishment plan, if applicable), to demonstrate that average rainfall will be sufficient to meet the plants’ water demands and that the plantings will not require irrigation beyond their specified establishment periods.
  • Be sure that any temporary irrigation systems do not exceed the maximum two-year establishment period.
Option 2. Reduced Irrigation
  • Ensure to provide either the EPA WaterSense Water Budget Tool (accessible at epa.gov/watersense/water_budget) or the LEED Outdoor Water Use Reduction Calculator (found under the prerequisite's "Resources" tab in the Credit Library) which may be used to document this credit.
  • Ensure that only vegetated landscape area is included in the calculation, and that non-vegetated surfaces are excluded. Be sure that any vegetated playgrounds, athletic fields, food gardens, and urban agricultural areas are noted on the plans for clarity. These spaces can be included or excluded at the project team's discretion.
  • The 30% reduction in the prerequisite must be achieved through plant species selection and irrigation system efficiency. Reductions beyond 30% may be achieved in the credit only using any combination of efficiency, alternative water sources, and smart scheduling technologies.
Using the EPA WaterSense Interactive Water Budget Tool (BD+C)

Water Use Reduction Case Study: Morris Arboretum

Using the EPA Landscape Water Budget Tool Version 1.01 (BD+C)