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LEED BD+C: New Construction | v3 - LEED 2009

Green training for contractors, trades, operators and service workers

IPpc81 | Possible 1 point

Qualifying programs
Program Organization Website
GPRO Urban Green Council
Green Janitor Education Program Building Skills Partnership
Curso LEED® para contratistas Revitaliza Consultores

Check back soon for updates to the list of qualifying programs. Have a program you think might qualify? Click here to apply.

Green Building Training Program

Green Building Training Program must meet the following requirements:

  1. The program is developed and maintained by a not-for-profit organization with significant expertise and at least 5 years of experience in green building education, with input from a range of building professionals, including trades, contractors, operators, and designers.
  2. The program complies with the following criteria:
    1. Subject matter meets the purpose and scope of this credit and includes at least four hours of instruction on the basics of sustainability, green building, LEED, green job sites, and the role of the relevant building systems and building professional within the “whole building” framework of sustainability

      • For contractors, subcontractors and trades, the curricula includes a minimum of six additional hours of instruction including: differences between green and conventional materials, installation, and work practices, documentation issues that are unique to LEED; opportunities for improved building performance through the retrofitting of existing buildings; new green technologies; and the role that commissioning plays in green building.
      • For building operators, the curricula includes a minimum of 8 additional hours of instruction in introductory sustainable operations including: measuring building performance, increasing efficiency in the building envelope, plumbing, heating & cooling and lighting systems, improving indoor air quality, reducing building waste, implementing green cleaning and understanding, commissioning & energy audits.
      • For building maintenance service personnel, the curricula includes a minimum of 3 additional hours of instruction including: how to improve building efficiency through improved work practices & reporting; improving indoor air quality, reducing building waste & green cleaning practices.
    2. The targeted audience is a contractor, subcontractor, trade, or building operations and service professional that is listed in this document.
    3. The courses are taught by instructors who are qualified as subject matter experts.
    4. Materials must be objective in nature and cannot contain any content that could be interpreted as a promotion or endorsement of a certain product, service, certification/accreditation or organization. As an exception to this rule, products or organizations can be presented in the context of illustrative examples of the current concerns, issues and regulations of the topic(s) being addressed. Qualified training programs may include their company name or logo only on the first and/or last slide of any presentations.
    5. The program provides the following:
    6. Complete the application here.

      • Letter of support from a local USGBC chapter attesting to the quality of the green building content.
      • Letter of support from at least two USGBC member organizations, gold level or above, who have used the training program and can attest to its quality relative to other trainings the organization has used
      • Evaluation report showing feedback from at least 250 students taught within the last 12 months
      • List of contributors to the curriculum, including their profession, industry and affiliations
  3. The program provides an assessment showing the student has achieved the course’s learning objectives OR the program is accredited or seeking accreditation under ANSI/ASTM E2659-09.
  4. The program must provide course evaluations to attendees for ongoing feedback on the quality of the course.
  5. To qualify, a green building training program must submit documentation for the above requirements along with: a) learning objectives for each training or course, b) at least 6 sample exam questions, c) a description of what is being tested, and d) the pass/fail rate for the past 12 months.