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LEED BD+C: New Construction | v4 - LEED v4

Sustainable wastewater management

Possible 1 point


To increase the efficiency of wastewater reuse by encouraging water reuse, reduction or recovery.

Pilot Credit Closed

This pilot credit was closed to new pilot credit registrations on 3/1/2015. It is now available to LEED v4 projects only in the LEED Innovation Catalog for ongoing use by project teams as an innovation point rather than a pilot credit. LEED v2009 projects may not use this credit for innovation points.


Option 1. Source reduction

Reduce wastewater from toilets and urinals by at least 50% from the baseline calculated in WE Prerequisite Indoor Water Use Reduction for toilets and urinals only.

Percent reduction Points
50% 1
95% 1 (2nd point not available)

Option 2. Reuse

Reuse building wastewater on site. Use water from approved non-potable sources including:

  • recycled wastewater (on-site or municipally supplied),
  • swimming pool backwash operations,
  • air conditioner condensate,
  • rainwater,
  • cooling tower blow-down water,
  • foundation drain water,
  • steam system condensate,
  • fluid cooler discharge water,
  • food steamer discharge water,
  • combination oven discharge water,
  • industrial process water,
  • fire pump test water
  • municipally supplied treated seawater
  • ice machine condensate

Reused water must meet the applicable local code, for its intended use (e.g., on-site irrigation, toilet flushing, cooling tower).

Strategy Points
Implement wastewater reuse 1
Reuse at least 90% of wastewater on site 1 (2nd point not available)

Option 3. Resource recovery

Implement resource recovery and reuse of one or both of the following for up to 1 point::

Resource recovery type Points
nutrients (nitrogen and/or phosphorous) 1
organic carbon loading from building occupants 1 (2nd point not available)

General Pilot Documentation Requirements

Register for the pilot credit

Credits 1-14

Credits 15-27

Credits 28-42

Credits 43-56

Credits 57-67

Credits 68-82

Credits 83--96

Credit specific

Option 1:

  • Provide a narrative which includes the type of alternative technology and details about how it will be installed and operated for the project building. Systems that negatively offset the environmental benefits, such as those that have high energy use or high pollution rates will not be accepted.
  • Provide any applicable specifications, drawings, and calculations to show that the system significantly minimizes or eliminates the annual wastewater produced
    from sewage conveyance.
  • Process water reduction (i.e., from food service) may qualify for this credit, however, and additional explanation of the method must be provided.

Option 2:
Provide a narrative about the wastewater treatment/reuse system including:

  • whether it meets the local standard wastewater
  • source and reuse location (e.g, building graywater reused as toilet flushing water)
  • approximately what portion of the water type is being reused
  • Provide any applicable specifications or drawings to demonstrate the system design and location.

Option 3:
Provide a narrative explaining the resource recovery strategy used including:

  • Type of resource(s) recovered
  • Descriptions and specification on system used
  • Estimated annual quantity recovered
  • Estimated impact on total building resource production (i.e. approximately what percent of the identified resource is recovered).
Additional questions
  • Did the revisions to this credit make it more achievable for your project? For other projects?
  • Are there strategies that have been used on this or other projects that would be applicable to this credit? Explain.
  • 1/15/2013: removed NSF 350 standard from requirements
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