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LEED ID+C: Retail | v1 - LEED 1.0 pilot

Development density and community connectivity

SSc2 | Possible 1 point


Channel development to urban areas with existing infrastructure, protect greenfields and preserve habitat and natural resources.


  • Construct or renovate space on a previously developed site AND in a community with a minimum density of 60,000 square feet per acre net). Only 2 stories of a parking structure may be counted as part of building square footage. Surface parking (only 1 story of parking) cannot count as part of
    building square footage; this is to ensure efficient use of land adjacent to the building footprint. Both structured and stacked parking are allowable in square footage calculations. (Note: density calculation must include the area of the project being built and is based on a typical two-story downtown development.
  • Construct or renovate building on a previously developed site AND within 1/2 mile of a residential zone or neighborhood with an average density of 10 units per acre net AND within 1/2 mile of at least 10 Basic Services AND with pedestrian access between the building and the services. The project itself cannot count as one of the 10 basic services. However, 2 of the 10 services required can be anticipated. The anticipated services must be documented by lease agreements or other appropriate documentation to demonstrate that these other services will be operational in the locations indicated within one year of occupation of the applicant’s project.

    Basic Services include, but are not limited to:
    1) Bank; 2) Place of Worship; 3) Convenience Grocery; 4) Day Care; 5) Cleaners; 6) Fire Station; 7) Hair Care; 8) Hardware; 9) Laundry; 10) Library; 11) Medical/Dental; 12) Senior Care Facility; 13) Park; 14) Pharmacy; 15) Post Office; 16) Restaurant; 17) School; 18) Supermarket; 19) Commercial Office; 20) Community Center, and other recognized services evaluated on their merit.

    Greenfield developments and projects that do not use existing infrastructure are not eligible.

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