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LEED BD+C: Schools | v3 - LEED 2009

Process water use reduction

WEc4 | Possible 1 point


To maximize water efficiency within buildings to reduce the burden on municipal water supply and wastewater systems.


To receive this credit, buildings must have the following:

  • No refrigeration equipment using once-through cooling with potable water
  • No garbage disposals
  • All appliances within at least 4 equipment types where water use is at or below the levels shown in the table below. Inclusion of any equipment not listed in the table below must be supported by documentation showing a 20% reduction in water use from a benchmark or industry standard.

Equipment Type Maximum Water Use (Imperial units) Maximum Water Use (Metric units) Other Requirements
Clothes Washers* 7.5 gallons/ft3/cycle 12 liters/kg wash load  
Dishwashers with racks 1.0 gallons/rack 4.0 liters/rack  
Ice machines** lbs/day>175
20 gallons/100lbs
75 liters/45 kg
No water-cooled machines
30 gallons/100/lbs
30 gallons/100/lbs
No water-cooled machines
Food steamers 2 gallons/hour 8 liters/hour Boilerless steamers only
Prerinse spray valves 1.4 gallons per minute 5.3 liters per minute  
* Commercial CEE Tier 3a—Residential CEE Tier 1
** CEE Tier 3

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