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Achieving Urban Resilience: Adopting City-Wide Smart Surfaces

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GBCI: 0920013056
How cities manage the sunlight and rain that falls on them has a huge impact on inhabitants’ health and quality of life. But city leaders and planners generally do not manage or even think about their city’s rain and sun in a systematic way and, as a result, mismanage or undermanage these two great natural gifts. This mismanagement costs cities billions of dollars in unnecessary health, energy, and stormwater related costs, degrades city comfort, livability and resilience, and contributes to climate change
Rating system: SITES v2

This course is approved for GBCI CE hours, but is not available through Education @USGBC.

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  1. Define green infrastructure
  2. Understand the value of green infrastructure
  3. Understand the impact of green infrastructure on urban resilience
  4. Integrate green infrastructure into design, construction, and operation


Greg Kats