Code Dread, ASHRAE Updates, and a Glimpse at IgCC/189.1

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This presentation covers three related topics. It begins with an abbreviated version of Code Dread, which was one of the most attended and highly rated seminars at Green Build in November of 2013. Code Dread compares a LEED silver v2.2 project to what it would have received in LEED v2009 and LEED v4. The next topic highlights recent ASHRAE standard updates that most affect architects and engineers who are designing green buildings. The final topic is a very brief overview of what I believe is a very promising future for the International Green Construction Code and ASHRAE 189.1 and why they might be right for your community.
Program: LEED 2009, LEED v4
Rating system: v4, v2009
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  1. Understand how the same building rates in LEED v2.2, v2009, and v4
  2. Understand how 90.1-2010 raised the energy bar significantly and changed the game in LEED v4
  3. Understand ASHRAE standard updates that will affect your LEED score
  4. Understand how the unification of the IgCC and ASHRAE 189.1 bodes well for green building code adoption


Jeff Boldt