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Commercial Value and Uses for Solar

GBCI: 0920009045

This seminar will cover active solar systems (thermal and photovoltaic), and will include a historical look at solar costs, and current trends. LEED v3 and v4 credits associated with solar will be covered.
Eligible for 1 CE HOUR.
  • 1 CE

  • LEED Green Associate

Rating system: v4, v2009



This seminar will cover active solar systems (thermal and photovoltaic). Thermal system will cover freeze-protected types that apply to Kentucky’s moderate climate. Briefly covered will be solar thermal multi-use applications for domestic water heating and hydronic radiant heating. Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems covered will be stand-alone off-grid, grid-tie, and grid-tie with battery backup, which can also apply to time-of-day rates. We’ll take a brief look at policy opportunities and limitations related to distributed PV installations in KY.

A historical look at solar costs, and current trends will be included. In Kentucky, since 2013 commercial electric rates have, on average, climbed faster than residential rates. The seminar will be wrapped up with a look at what impacts PV can have on reducing commercial electricity charges, which will include a look at impacts on rising demand charges commercial facilities are facing.

A list of how solar fits with LEED v3 and v4 credits is included.


  1. Understand the value and incentives ofcommercial solar systems in Kentucky, including pricing and policy limits/opportunities.
  2. Understand the range of LEED v2009 and v4 credits for which solar and renewable energy apply
  3. Describe how renewable energy production, solar orientation, and heat island reduction contribute to credits in LEED ND
  4. Understand options that support the installation of renewable energy distributed generation
  5. Describe how green power and carbon offsets encourage reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and qualify for LEED EA credits.
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USGBC Kentucky
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Joshua Bills, CEM