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Introduction to EDGE

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GBCI: 0920023214

This course was updated on May 8, 2020.

EDGE is a green building certification system focused on making buildings more resource efficient in over 170 countries. With GBCI’s FREE Introduction to EDGE course, you'll learn about EDGE certification and the professional and business opportunities that EDGE offers you, including how to earn your EDGE Expert credential and how to become a GBCI EDGE Auditor.

Este curso también está disponible en español aquí.

Program: EDGE
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  1. Describe the components of EDGE
  2. Recognize how EDGE helps grow the green building market
  3. Use the EDGE Software to design a resource efficient building
  4. Articulate the benefits of EDGE certification
  5. Summarize how to certify an EDGE project with GBCI
  6. List the steps required to become an EDGE Expert and EDGE Auditor