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Introduction to LEED v4.1 for Design and Construction

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GBCI: 0920018334
LEED v4.1 for Building Design and Construction and Interior Design and Construction are now available. Learn the basics of why USGBC is launching LEED v4.1, how it increases accessibility for new buildings and spaces, and what to expect from this latest evolution of the rating system.
Program: LEED v4.1
Published on:


  1. Articulate the main goals of the technical development of LEED v4.1
  2. List the requirements of key LEED v4.1 BD+C and ID+C prerequisites and credits for success
  3. Identify how LEED v4.1 for BD+C and ID+C increases accessibility throughout the rating system
  4. Describe how updates throughout LEED v4.1 for BD+C and ID+C position LEED to continue to drive market transformation