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LEED v4 O+M Exam Preparation

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GBCI: 0920005023
This course is intended to provide an intensive and comprehensive review of the knowledge areas necessary to pass the exam and to bridge the gaps between other exam preparation resources, such as the LEED O+M Reference Guide, and provide interpretation and an enhanced understanding of the key information contained in these resources.
Program: LEED v4
Rating system: v4
Published on:


  1. Identify primary green building strategies that can contribute to LEED v4 O+M prerequisites and credits.
  2. Understand the application of LEED requirements to a LEED v4 O+M project and understand the documentation required for each prerequisite and credit necessary to submit for LEED certification.
  3. Comprehend the referenced standards and calculation methodologies for key LEED v4 O+M prerequisites and credits.
  4. Understand how to focus study, using the LEED v4 exam preparation materials and other resources effectively to prepare for the exam..