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LEED V4 Update

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GBCI: 0920006904
Recorded LIVE at a USGBC-MN LEED Lunch and Learn, this summary presentation will present the changes to LEEDv4 and from a user’s perspective, assess where LEEDv4 improves on LEED 2009 and where it may pose more challenges.
Program: LEED v4
Rating system: v4
Published on:


  1. Understand Changes made to each credit category in LEED v4
  2. Understand how LEEDv4 impacts operations and performance overtime
  3. Learn how your LEED 2009 project might fare if it were to follow LEEDv4
  4. Discover a few high performance strategies that carry more weight in LEEDv4 and those areas where importance and available points have been reduced