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Water Savings with Every Flush, The New Toilet Tech

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GBCI: 0920022606
Toilets are the number 1 water users and costs of homes, are their simpler ways to save without extra effort?
Program: ARC, LEED v4, LEED v4.1
Published on:


  1. Explain industry protocols and procedures for testing the water efficiency and operational performance of toilet fixtures.
  2. Explore the design options and functional possibilities of different categories of flush tank-type toilets and how they help with LEED BD+C Homes V4 WE Total Water Use.
  3. Evaluate and compare the water efficiency of different flush technologies and discuss some of the regulatory challenges regarding toilet water use. How does this impact LEED O+M V4 WE Indoor Water Use?
  4. Specify appropriate flush tank-type toilets to meet the usage demands and sustainable design goals for a residential or commercial high-performance building and how it meets help with LEED BD+C Homes V4 WE Credit Indoor Water Use
  5. Discuss why water use is fundamentally different than energy use but can be modeled at the project start with the LEED BD+C Homes V4 WE Total Water Use Calculator


Richard Rossi