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Ways To A Smart Bypass and Harmonics

GBCI: 0910000207

This presentation will cover the evolution of the variable frequency drive (VFD) with bypass and the future of Harmonic countermeasures. This will show attendants how the evolution of VFD increases efficiency as well as protects motors that these devices control.
Eligible for 1.0 CE HOUR.
  • 1.0 CE

Rating system: v4, v2009



Advancements in technology have created new opportunities that have opened the doors for new ideas, one of which is the advancements of VFD's with Bypass and harmonics. More reliable power grids have allowed the use of sensitive equipment that can increase the efficiency of a building leading to a significant decrease in power consumption and copious energy savings. With the understanding of resistive and reactive loads and how they can be controlled with harmonics filters, leads to a cost effective way to create a more efficient system. This presentation will also cover matrix converters and how they filter harmonic loads,A matrix converter is a device that can filter the harmonic loads,with matrix converters higher control can be achieved creating an efficient system.


  1. Understand why to use a bypass and why it is important given an application.
  2. Understand some harmonic mitigation techniques.
  3. Understand the benefits of a matrix converter.
  4. Understanding of resistive and reactive loads leading to an efficient, cost saving system.
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