Energize Denver: ENERGY STAR Benchmarking Jam

Building professionals often say, "you can't manage what you don't measure."

This high-energy jam session helps you do just that - measure, monitor and manage building energy performance. Working in teams with volunteer architects and engineers, utility data is entered and verified using ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. Teams identify projects eligible for ENERGY STAR certification and strategies for increased performance and decreased utility bills.

This workshop is to supplement Energize Denver Benchmarking Ordinance Trainings. It will consist of a three-hour, jam-packed program to benchmark your energy performance data with the help of volunteer professionals and ENERGY STAR's Portfolio Manager. This event is optimized for organizations ready to manage their utilities. Participating organizations must collect preliminary data, which includes at least 12 months of energy and water utility data.

Workshop objectives

  1. Establish an account in ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager® and enter information about your building(s) and at least one year of energy use data.
  2. Analyze your energy use to identify opportunities for increased performance.
  3. Determine eligibility to achieve ENERGY STAR® certification.
  4. Set clear performance goals in ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager® for your buildings' energy use.
  5. Describe the purpose and navigate a path of compliance with your City/State's benchmarking enforcement.

Light snacks and coffee will be served.