LEED v4 Webinar Series: Indoor Air Quality


Every month USGBC South Carolina will be going into depth about different LEED v4 categories with a live, onsite webinar!

About the webinar: Indoor air quality

AIA & GBCI approved for 1.5 hours

Explore the LEED Indoor Environmental Quality credits, which address key factors such as indoor air quality, lighting, acoustics, and the occupant experience to promote happier and healthier building occupants. This session will cover each prerequisite and credit in a credit-by-credit format presenting technical requirements and strategies that work to achieve them.

To view additional multimedia resources on each credit, view the:

To view the language for each credit, view the:

Within each credit, click the Resources tab to view Submittal Tips related to the credit.

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  1. Recognize how credits focus on the quality of spaces and human behavior and experiences
  2. Recognize how credits address issues related to improving indoor air quality by reducing sources of contaminants
  3. Identify the intent, requirements, and strategies for success with Materials and Resources credits
  4. Recognize how credit requirements lead to higher performing buildings and market transformation

AIA LU|HSW Approved: DCEQv4
GBCI: 0090010607