Lunch & LEED: What's a Solar Home Worth?


Learn about the benefits and value of solar homes in this June 7 Lunch & LEED seminar by USGBC Arizona.

Melisa Camp of Greenhab & Elite Education will discuss eight national and local research studies about solar homes. The studies vary — their methodology is different, comparison approaches vary, criteria studied is altered and geographic regions are diverse — but their findings are similar: solar homes are valuable in today's market.

The studies cover the value of residential solar systems and are recent, having been published within the last four years. This course also will analyze owned versus leased, appraisal valuation methods, MLS data, sales premiums for solar and net metering.

Continuing education: 1 GBCI CE and 1 AIA LU

Learning objectives:

  • Identify current trends in the residential photovoltaic solar market related to value.
  • Compare scholarly research studies related to residential solar systems.
  • Specify the best indicators of solar premium for homes.
  • Learners will identify that price per watt is the most appropriate valuation metric for solar homes.

For more information about this event, please contact Chad Billings.