Session: Green Rehab of the Pennsylvania Capitol East Wing Plaza


The East Wing of the State Capitol in Harrisburg was completed in 1987. A key design element of the mostly below grade addition to the historic Capitol Complex is the plaza with its huge granite pavers and deep planter beds. All of these on-structure elements have begun to show their age by the mid 2000s.

In 2013 Vitteta Architects & Engineers prepared a plan to replace underlying elements of the 1980's installation with modern green roof technologies. This session will focus on what, why and how the plaza was transformed highly functional, modern green roof technology optimized for the conditions of the resilient site.

We will learn how green roof technology from the 80s differs from 21st century green roof technology, why the massive scale planters 'failed' over time, about engineered soil solutions, and how the logistical challenges of a NRHR/ NHL site with thousands of daily visitors were overcome. We will also have the opportunity to follow the case study from the view of the Capitol Ground Maintenance Staff to Architects and Specifiers to Installers.