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Incredible project for incredible people! How is it coming along? I would love to know how to check progress updates if possible.
Vice President, Corporate Communications & Marketing, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Bill—It is an incredible project, and it’s on schedule for delivery in November. In fact, our external LEED consultants, Rivion, recently submitted the project for pre-certification under LEED v4. Port au Prince has sustained a very rainy summer season with significant flooding, which delayed the project by a few weeks, but thanks to careful project and construction site planning, the site has not faced any setbacks due to damage from the heavy, consistent rain. More updates to come! Thanks for your interest!
Environmental Health & Sustainability Consultant, Rsafe
Why is the building named after the Clinton's if they do not contribute in any way financially or otherwise?
Green Building Specialist, USGBC Customer Service
Hi Ronald, The project is a Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Commitment to Action, and was named named in honor of President Clinton in recognition of CGI’s longstanding work to engage and empower the global community to find innovative solutions to the world’s most pervasive problems, as well as his efforts following the 2010 earthquake in Haiti to foster its reconstruction as a stronger nation. More information is available here:
Oferteo sp. z o.o.
Very nice indeed! :)
Nice project !

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