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Senior HVAC Design Engineer, ECG
Actually I'm a bit confused between the Neighborhood Development rating and the new pilot Cities and Communities rating, The main difference that I can note is the ARC platform that is required to be used in the cities and communities rating, kindly provide more details regarding the difference between tho two rating programs and how to select the most appropriate program.
Chief Sustainability Strategist, EnviroDynamix, Inc.
I hate to say this, but trying to get information on a site that is so slow to load has been and continues to be a thorn in my side. I was trying to get information on the new pilot program for cities, but it is taking a very long time to load and I can't take hours to try and get info. You might want to update your website coding or have your IT staff look at this ongoing problem. It's a real misery for us members. P.S. Second attempt as it's taken over 2 minutes to try and send this and it hasn't yet. Also, a note - no other site I am working on is loading this slowly so I know it's your issue not my computer.
Green Building Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Alexandra, thank you for your feedback. We are consistently working to improve the speed and access of our website. We encourage you to try again, as there does not appear to be a delay with accessing this information currently. We may have been performing website maintenance activities during your last access attempt, which would have caused slower than typical speeds. However, I've passed your feedback along to our IT department so we can continue to improve on these issues. Thanks!
Hi, I am very excited for these programs! I am in fact interested in studying Leed for Cities and Communities for my Master of Urban Planning final paper. I am looking for documentations that have been completed toward this certification by the pilot cities/communities by far.
Director - Cities and Communities, U.S. Green Building Council
Thanks a lot Shuchita for your interest in this program. Yes, we will be very happy to provide you all needed information. Please send your detailed questions at
Hello, I'm a mechanical engineer taking a graduate class. I would like to apply the LEED city criteria to my city as a class project. I have worked on plenty of LEED projects at work, but I would be looking to use the LEED city criteria nonprofessionally. This would be a great opportunity to educate educators on thinking about cities in a LEED way. Is this possible?
Director - Cities and Communities, U.S. Green Building Council
Thanks a lot Rochelle for considering this unique approach. Yes, we are exploring a similar "Lab" concept with a couple of universities. Please reachout to us at, to discuss it more in detail, if possible.
Hello! The certification is for improvements in existing cities or also for new development projects in phase of planning and design? Thanks!
LEED Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
hi Eva! Existing places and new developments can both use the program, in different ways. A new development can achieve precertification. Ultimately a new development will need data in order to get a performance score; the performance score determines the LEED certification level. The data requirements are available online at
Senior Sustainability Analyst, Paladino and Company
Very exciting! Are there any LEED for Cities or Communities projects that have registered yet?
Green Building Specialist, LEED AP Homes, LEED for Homes Green Rater, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Nash, thank you for your interest! Several projects have already registered under both LEED for Cities and LEED for Communities.
Principal, Criterion Planners, Inc
These sound like great pilot programs. What's the definition of "community," and is pilot program documentation available?
Vice President, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Eliot! Thank you for your question. Precertification and certification requirements, including data inputs, are the same for LEED for Cities and LEED for Communities. Any place that does not consider itself a city selects a Communities project type in Arc and pursues LEED for Communities certification. Places that might want to use this project type include neighborhoods, districts, or towns.

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