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Marni..., Does this mean you intend to call me??? As noted, email is the equivalent to snail mail when it comes to government..., I'm old and I actually like to talk to someone. Thanks
Green Building Specialist, LEED AP Homes, LEED for Homes Green Rater, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Richard, It was great to talk with you this morning. I have sent you some additional information as requested. Thanks again for your interest in LEED certification!
I live in NE Ohio and am considering LEED certification for retirement home we are building. I called once with questions and was told to find a "Green" inspector (?). I was sent an email and several are apparently in the Cincinnati area. Are there any in northern Ohio?? I need some answers and no one around here has any. I want to talk to someone..., email is not my preferred way to communicate! Cell is: 330.618.1565
LEED Fellow, Green Building Specialist, USGBC Customer Service
Hi there Richard! Thank you so much for posting here and for considering LEED certification - we will reach out to you directly to answer all of your questions. Talk with you soon!
Thanks for the overview on the LEED Project. John

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