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Interesting class!

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The presentation showcase the residential energy savings program put together by the Green Home Institute and the City of Holland, MI. They give an overview of their goals and challenges taken, the education provided to those that wanted it and the results. In the presentation briefly notes some of the lessons learn. Note that they give a link to the full report in the PDF document provided and there is also a video (39 minutes) of the lesson learned from owners that were in the program in the following YouTube link:

The presenter is enthusiastic about the topic which makes it easier to follow.
I strongly recommend it to city officials that are interested in engaging the city in sustainable practices. Also homeowner may find interesting the Home Energy Efficiency Pyramid which shows what makes more sense to invest, based on cost and complexity according to the energy savings.

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The webinar showcases a successful energy efficiency program conducted in the city of Holland. The presenter explains how the program was implemented and some other details. He also explains the results of the program and its cost, and benefits.

The video is a very good in a way that it shows a practical example of a successful city-wide energy efficiency program that helped home owners not only to save energy but also to get them educate ed and aware of the big impact of saving energy on their pockets and planet. The video is very useful for people who intend to run such program because it offers a guide on how to replicate the program to be successful.

I like the level of details shown in the presentation in such a short time. I like also how the presentation was simple and easy to follow. The only drawback of the course is that, its targeted audience are very limited to those working on energy efficiency programs for homes.

Good Job.

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informative but boring, it may be that I already was aware of this info


great concept

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very good

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This course examines a specific home energy reduction community program in the town of Holland, MI. It covers some of the events that drove the need for the program, some of how the program was implemented, and the resulting energy savings for participants. This is a recording of a live webinar with some Q&A at the end. I would recommend this course for city and community managers or non-profits that are interested in starting a community energy reduction program.

What I liked about this course is the enthusiasm of the presenter. I could tell that they were actively committed to creating a program that not only reduced energy usage in the community but got tremendous buy-in from not just home owners but surrounding businesses as well. The results they got are very commendable and I think if they tried something similar in the future there would be even more support.

Where this course falls short is that it's not really a training course in how to run a program like this. While a review of how this particular program was run is helpful, there are a lot of gaps to fill for someone trying to run a similar program in their community. (I would have liked to see some lesson learned or a discussion of what would be done differently next time.) Also, the format of a live webinar does not translate well to an on-demand course.

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Thank you, J for your concise and very helpful 1st paragraph.

Part of the required reading for this session is the report we completed as well. In that, we detail more opportunities and lessons learned as well as link to another video on youtube showing the awards ceremony. Each of these items can help but you need to note that each community is unique with different challenges and opportunities and therefore it is not completely possible to tell someone how to fully run one.

Your last comment may be slightly misleading. 90% of our sessions are recorded live and then converted to on demand and we have very high ratings.

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