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Great information, especially now that I have a project that will involve working with a green rater.

Senior Architect, Arab Engineering Bureau


Architect, USGBC

Please, I completed this course and took the quiz, but can't download the certificate, why ? Can someone help me??

Green Building Specialist, LEED AP Homes, LEED for Homes Green Rater, U.S. Green Building Council

Hi Sarah, thank you for taking this course! You can download the certificate by logging into this course page with your USGBC account. Once you've completed the course, there's an option on the right to download the certificate. I hope you enjoyed this course!

Manager Environmental Policy and Sustainability, New Mexico State University

Definitely a helpful class. We are building a new residence hall soon and doing LEED-H v4 so now I have a head start!

Executive Director , GreenHome Institute

Good luck on your project!

Intern Architect, Guthrie Muscovitch Architects

Very brief and clear presentation.

Managing Partner, Ecoimpact Consulting, LLC
Pro Reviewer

This is a recording of a live webinar. The presenter walks viewers through a basic overview of LEED for Homes, strategies for documentation of LEED for Homes credits, an overview of v2008 vs v4 requirements for key credits, and roles of each project team member. This presentation is Intermediate and would be helpful for LEED professionals or project team members interested in learning more about best practices in documenting a LEED for Homes project, how those requirements and processes differ from other LEED rating systems like New Construction, and how project teams interface with the Green Provider.

President, TAB Mechanical Inc.
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This course provides a detailed review of moving to LEED V4 from the prior LEED for Homes verision. As a intermediate course, it is assumed that the targeted audience has knowledge of the rating system as it dives directly into the detailed aspects of materials.

Laid out in a very orderly manner, the course materials take the audience through each of the rating system caterogies in both the 2008 verision and the newer V4 verision. As documentation forms the foundation of a successful build, the presenter provides valuable insight into achieving this task in a timely and efficient manner. All members of the project team will benefit from knowledge transfer available in this course.

Once again the Green Home Institute has created a great course that benefits the LEED community wholeheartedly.

Principal, Gamma Sudamericana SA
Pro Reviewer

This course presents in a simple and practical way the main differences between LEED for Homes v2008 and v4 documentation. It deals with the requirements for both systems and provides plenty of advice on the best way of filling in the templates.

What I enjoyed from this course is the use of simple comparisons between both versions, and the practical focus on how to meet the requirements, through the display of sample forms. Other remarkable aspect is the use of a comparative chart as a means of summarizing the content and the course progress.

This course is definitely targeted for professionals with a previous knowledge of LEED for Homes, as it deals with the nuts and bolts of the documentation, assuming some background understanding on the requirements of the system.

After completing this course, I have gained insight on the documentation process and I am more able to understand the system’s main requirements. I would recommend this course to consultants, architects, and contractors involved in a LEED for Homes project.

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