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a little noisy in the beginning of the video, echo.

Energy Specialist, The Weidt Group

Good info

Director, DVA Architects LLC
Pro Reviewer

This webinar focuses more on the residential water budget tool, how to fill the downloaded spreadsheet or online, the calculations related to it, few simulated scenarios, Water Efficiency Rating Index (WERindex), RESNET and LEED for Homes WE - performance.
The speaker has tremendous knowledge in this subject. This is a mid-level presentation but its full of technical info and will be very useful for landscape designers, irrigation designers and others.
Even for a person like me with some subject matter knowledge it took some time to understand the presenter. There were too many pausing during the presentation. There could have been some better graphics especially when they compare a baseline to design case landscape. Some places the presenter went too fast, like when the peak water months were described.There were no explanation on how "water budget data finder' is used. The simulations for few scenarios - instead of saying values of Kt, Dut, Kv and DuV, more emphasis could have been on measures which makes it more efficient. On the RESNET's WERindex instead of a detailed slide on committee structure, more emphasis could have been on how this could be used in commercial/residential application. Not sure if the tree canopy question was answered fully.
Overall this presentation has a lot of technical info, the viewers need careful listening, suggest going over twice to understand clearly.

The Louis Berger Group, Inc.

Said UM way too much during the presentation. Found the questions difficult.

Green Building Specialist, MSc, USGBC FACULTY, VU University Amsterdam

Very important

ABM Building Solutions - California

Great information


this course was great


It was hard to hear the speakers with the wind sound in the background.

U.S. Green Building Council

Hello Meaghan, thank you for providing your feedback. We are sorry for any inconvenience. We have let the course provider know about the issues you experienced.

Principal, NRG-AR
Pro Reviewer

The main focus on this course is the WaterSense Budget tool and how to fill in the required data. It describes the way the spreadsheets have to be filled in, and discusses different scenarios, to show if they comply or not with the total water allowance. The course goes on with some information on other rating systems, and at the end of the session provides some guidance on how to use this tool in LEED for Homes.

The course is quite simple, both in its aesthetics and content. It is about how to fill in forms and what are the caveats to bear in mind when using the tool, so it would be wise to keep the expectations up to what is stated in the learning objectives.

One of the main attributes that I enjoyed during the presentation was the questions and answer about different topics (rainwater use, shading, international data). The presenter is honest about the limitations of the tool. The only downside is that the course is just that: the presentation of the forms and how to fill them.

This course is suitable for those interested in a step-by-step guidance on the tool, so it will be appreciated by landscape designers, LEED practitioners and contractors.

Architect, Hastings Architecture Associates, LLC
Pro Reviewer

I always enjoy courses from this provider as they usually give good application examples. From the course description, I anticipated a live-action demo of the EPA Watersense water budget tools i.e. to look at an example project, insert data, change numbers, etc. on the fly, but the course only contains screenshots of calculators that have been completed previously. I've used the tool before, and have a basic understanding of how the tool works, but I found this demo a little complex to follow without perhaps some arrows or circles highlighting the info as it is found and implemented on the spreadsheet. The spreadsheets have lot of information on them, so it did take pausing the video to make sure that I could see what number or data that would align with the presenter's narration. The presenter, although knowledgeable on the topic and excited about the topic, "umms and ahhs" a lot, which can be distracting for the listener on a course with a lot of data and equations to comprehend.

Executive Director , GreenHome Institute

Erica - The live action demos never work out so well so we opted for screenshots. This should improve our rating! Let me know if I can reword this langauge here.

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