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Megan, Can you please mention the LEED Statistics in India? How many projects have been registered in India upto August 2016? How many projects have been certified in India for USGBC upto August 2016? -Money Khanna
LEED Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Thank you for your inquiry. You can search the most up-to-date green building information at the Green Building Information Gateway. To perform your own search, go to this page:, and then expand the "show more filters" section. You can input the location as "India", and then check off registered or certified, certified-silver, certified-gold, and certified-platinum.
For how many years LEED certificates are awarded?
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What is a optimal way to find a local Evapotranspiration Rate? LEED does not do a good job of telling you a path to find the rate. I'm specifically looking for a rate for Washtenaw County, Michigan.
Green Building Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Alex, For locations within the United States, you can reference the US EPA WaterSense Water Budget Data Finder:
LEED AP / WELL AP , ALTO Ingenierie
Solution Architect - LEED projects, Schneider Electric Mexico
Where can I find information of LEED certification for a small Data Center? The DC will be constructed inside a new office building Thank you
Founder & CEO, The Reign Group, SPC
Where can I find statistics on the number of $$ spent on LEED certification building in the US since 2005? Are there projections into 2015?
PhD Candidate, Research Associate, NSF Graduate Fellow, Arizona State University
I was looking for the same thing Scott--Is this what you are referring to?
Director of LEED Support, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Rebekah - It looks like your comment didn't correctly sync with Scott's, so you may not have gotten notified when I posted a new update to his question. Since you had the same question, I thought I would share that we are trying to publish presentations with the latest statistics on a quarterly basis now. Here's the most recent:
Green Metal Consulting, Inc.
Where can I find a powerpoint presentation with the latest statistics on the number of LEED projects in various states, number of registered projects, square footage of LEED certified buildings, etc.? I downloaded such a slide deck from usgbc several years ago but now I can't find the updated resource. Thanks
Director of LEED Support, U.S. Green Building Council
We are trying to publish these on a quarterly basis. Here's the most recent:

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