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Sustainability Manager, Aviation & Federal, Burns & McDonnell Engineering
I was told by a NAVFAC client that projects in Cuba could not be registered in v4 (this is a BD+C Schools project). I find this hard to believe and do not find anything to substantiate his claim. However, I was unable to get to RPCs for Cuba or the specific locale and Cuba is not in the pull-down list of countries when I tried to fake-register it. As it turns out, the project will likely be located in the US portion of Cuba, but can you confirm if this is true or not, please? Thanks much!
Project Manager, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Stephanie, Since the project is in the U.S. military portion of Cuba, you should be able to register the project and receive RP credits. All v4 RP credits can be found at For v4 credits, you can locate the project site on the map provided and the associated RP credits will display.
The relevant link for The LEED International Roundtable ( does not seem to work at the moment. Can I get some current information on the structure of The LEED International Roundtable please? Thanks in advance!
Green Building Consultant - LEED AP O+M, Elan

Ashley, this sounds like great news for many international projects. It does not look like the new ACPs can be downloaded yet (I just looked in the resources section and the October 4th revisions are still up). Can you post a link to the new ACPs if you have it?

Technical Director, LEED, U.S. Green Building Council

Hi Roland - The ACPs can be downloaded in the resources section and include both the July 6th releases and the new releases (Healthcare, Commercials Interiors, Retail - CI and Retail - NC), dated October 1. The language has also been incorporated into the credit library.

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