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Artist, Graffiti painter
I was very excited for the launch of LEED v4! I hope that USGBC becomes a home for more and more experienced members, and that our USGBC community becomes universal
Technical Director, MANENS-TIFS s.p.a.
Rick, thank you for your inspirational thoughts, once again! I can only enforce them bringing the experience from Italy where the construction market has drastically and rapidly changed thanks to more than 200 registered LEED projects summing up to more than 3million sgm. This was achieved thanks to the tremendous advocacy work of the Green Building Council Italia and its 600 members (and in particular of your friend Mario) with the constant support from USGBC. Designers no longer design as they used to, producers no longer produce as they used to, builders no longer build as they used to...all of this in just 5 years and there is more to come: thank you LEED!
Sustainability Consultant, AHA Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Great thoughts, Rick, on where we are and where we came from. LEED is changing the way people think about resources, healthy environments and every aspect of the world we live in. I see the change in supply chains, product expectations and of course energy awareness. The critics are becoming increasingly isolated as the public discourse makes their arguments seem self motivated and irrelevant.

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