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Management Consultant, MANE Sucursal Colombia
Pro Reviewer
International representation is key factor in the future development of the USGBC and LEED. Remember that 40% of the registered area belongs to international projects.
Principal, JBL Strategies
Thanks for the reminder, Walter. It would be good to have an obvious link on this page to the voting.
Digital Marketing Director, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Jane, thanks for your comment, we've added a link on this page to vote.
Nature shall bless all smart candidates.
Vice President of Sustainability, Mohawk Industries, Inc.
Good luck to all of the candidates and thank you for your passion! GB
Tech. Manager of Nablus District-NEDCO Delegate to the Nablus Municipality Sewerage Nablus West Plant, NEDCO - Nablus Municipality
waste water treatment plant

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