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Building & Fire Safety Engineer, Office of the Fire Commissioner

How is HP audit different from home inspections?

U.S. General Services Administration

Well done, thank you.

Architect, DAR

Excellent course

Assistant Engineer, Turner Construction Company

i learned allot

Owner, Hyland Fisher - Architect


Mechanical Engineer, DAR

this course help to identify key tests, inspections, and the analysis necessary to conduct a home performance audit.


Very well presented.

Associate Project Manager, JLL

Excellent webinar- insightful and eye-opening!

Principal Architect, Hazen and Sawyer

great specific descriptions of upgrades to improve a home's efficiency, from most important to least important.

Associate Director, Fitch Ratings

A helpful overview of the home performance audit process.

Sr. Project Engineer, Greystar Development & Construction

Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Environmental Scientist (Geologist), U.S. General Services Administration

I found the presentation easy to follow and in some ways simplistic. I liked the slides and the examples shown. I especially liked the example of the house in Vermont and would have liked to have heard more on that example.

Electrical Controls Engineer 3, AECOM

I enjoyed the presentation. I opened the pdf of the outline and opened the quiz in another window and scored 100% on the quiz which was nice feedback. I just purchased a 1980's home rife with opportunities to watch my electric bill drop. I am looking forward to implementing the suggestions outlined, contacting FPL (my electrical utility) and improving the insulation, changing out a couple of poor windows and upgrading my appliances over the next 5 years to achieve return on investment while improving air quality and comfort level, using less energy and saving money.

Vice President, Fillmore Construction Management Inc.

this is not an intermediate course, for anyone in the construction industry this is a beginner course. the course was fine but the test was brutally made, full of double negatives and grammar issues. questions 7 is supposed to discuss air escape but instead indicates insulation escaping from the building which doesn't even make sense. this test needs to be rewritten to reduce these issues.

Senior Manager, Education Platforms, U.S. Green Building Council

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your feedback. We have adjusted the course level and the quiz in order to improve the course!

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