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Senior Manager, Education Platforms, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Reynoldo - Thanks for reading! It sounds like the LEED v4 web-based reference guide would be a valuable tool for you. It includes short tutorials and videos to help guide you through specific credits and calculations. The LEED v4 web-based reference guide is included with the Education @USGBC subscription.
Architect, R&G
Very useful information for daily learning. I wanted to do a question to something I've always had the doubt. As part of learning I have always tried to do and follow the Reference Guides, with appendix and addendums to perform the calculations required to sustain projects. in my country it happens that a project is evaluated long before making his official registration. Reason why we not initially have default FORMS LEEDONLINE with the exact calculations for to the project with the respective Rating System, version of Form, version of certification and regional priority. Is there any course that teaches the formulas for the calculation that are included in some FORM? (eg bicycles and changers calculation according to FTE).

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