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I intend to follow LEED v4 certification using the Building Design and Construction (BD + C) rating system.
Sales & Solutions Consultant, Bioconstrucción & Energia Alternativa
Are there statistics of ID+C worldwide as in Mexico? Updated number or certified and registered projects, and the chance to know how many countries are using LEED ID+C? Thank you in advance
Green Building Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Gladys, you can review the Country Market Brief for LEED project data across commercial rating systems: You can sort this by country and view the LEED projects numbers, rating system, space type, and owner sector statistics for each country. I hope this helps!
Sales & Solutions Consultant, Bioconstrucción & Energia Alternativa
Thank you so much for your reply Kristen.
Interior Designer, n/a
I want to take the LEED ID+C exam. I need to know should I take this exam directly? or I have to pass the LEED GA at first to be eligible for taking LEED ID+C? what are requires to be eligible for taking this exam?
LEED Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Thank you in your interest in the LEED ID+C exam. In order to sit for the exam you do need to pass the LEED Green Associate exam first. You have two options to take that exam. You can take it separately or combined with the LEED ID+C exam. The benefit to taking it combined is one sitting and a slightly reduced price. If you elect to take the combined exam you will first be tested on LEED Green Associate material and then LEED ID+C specialty material in the same sitting/exam. Each part contains 100 randomly delivered multiple-choice questions and each part must be completed in 2 hours. Total time is 4 hours and 20 minutes including a tutorial and short satisfaction survey. GBCI recommends that candidates taking the LEED Green Associate exam have exposure to LEED and green building concepts through educational courses, volunteering, or work experience prior to testing. For the LEED AP with specialty exams, prior LEED project experience is strongly recommended. No other requirements exist. I hope this helps!
Sustainability Engineer, Qatar Green Leaders
Clarify, whether LEED Reference Guide for ID+C 2009 Reference guide shall provide the strategies & implementation details of all credits for the LEED 2009 Retail also. Or the guide shall provide details only for Commercial Interiors.
LEED Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Aswin, Thank you for your interest. Retail projects would need to reference both the LEED ID+C reference Guide and the Retail supplement. Please look above for the links under LEED 2009. Also take a look at the Reference Guide documents which are the CI and Retail addenda.
KEO International Consultants
Hi, I just want to check if the LEEP AP ID+C exam will still be based on LEED V3 until July 1 2015, as is the case with the LEED HOMES, or will it be based on V4, as stated on the webpage.
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Thank you for your interest in earning a LEED AP ID+C credential. The LEED AP ID+C exam currently tests on LEED v4 content. For more information about the test specification and references, please download and read the candidate handbook: Good luck!
Interior Designer, Murphy Burnham & Buttrick Architects
Question as well. I have the Interior Design + Construction Study Guide and LEED Reference Guide for Green Interior Design and Construction EDITION 2009. Are these books still valid for the LEED AP exams? Thanks.
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Thank you for your interest in earning the LEED AP Interior Design and Construction credential! Knowing more about the changes in LEED v4 may help you decide whether to purchase updated materials. The reference materials for the LEED AP ID+C exam have been updated with LEED v4 content. Please see the list of references here: I would also recommend starting with these three resources: 1) Please check out this free video introduction to LEED v4 here: 2) We also have a guide that will walk you through some of the major changes, accomplishments, and language for LEED v4: 3) Finally, please also consider subscribing to Education @USGBC to access more webinars on LEED v4: Good luck!
No comment , just a question. Can a person (individual) become LEED Certified? If so, where would one start? I am studying to become an interior architect.
Director of LEED Support, U.S. Green Building Council
A person can become credentialed - i.e. earn and display their LEED GA or AP credentials. Please check out:

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