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I will do the LEED v4 certification
Owner, Consultant & Specialist in Creating Building Value, 2B Green World LLC
Hello All, I have a specific Doubt on Existing Buildings V4. For a Data Center outside US, can we use a DC Pro Tool? If yes what is the procedure if not what are the other ways for completing Energy and Atmosphere Prerequisite Energy efficiency Best Management Practices.
Green Building Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Harish - with regards to your question: Data centers outside the US use the same procedures to complete the DC Pro tool. As noted in EA Prerequisite Minimum Energy Performance, the project team may identify the appropriate climate zone for the analysis by using ASHRAE 90.1-2010 Appendix B and Appendix D. For an expanded reference of international locations, ASHRAE 169-2013 Table A-5 (Canada) or Table A-6 (International) may be consulted. ASHRAE 169-2013 subdivides Climate Zone 1 into two climate zones (Climate Zone 1 and Climate Zone 0). Locations listed in ASHRAE 169-2013 in Climate Zone 1 and Climate Zone 0 should be considered Climate Zone 1 for this purpose.
Where can I find seminars or training agency's for Facilities Management in the Philippines. What are specific Operations requirement for LEED on Facilities Management (FM)
Director, Customer Service, U.S. Green Building Council
These might be of interest: "Sustainable Practices for Facility Managers" "Facilities Operations and Maintenance" "Analyzing and Presenting Deep Retrofit Value" "Indoor Air Quality"
Hi, where do I start for implementing energy efficiency or whole sustainability review for a sports stadium please? The stadium is in the Middle East.
LEED Fellow, Green Building Specialist, USGBC Customer Service
Hi Paul, you're on the right track. LEED O+M provides a framework for facilities managers, building owners, engineers, and building users (to name a few) to sit down together and create a roadmap for energy efficiency and sustainability of existing buildings, including stadiums. You may want to start by diving into the LEED v4 Reference Guide and Rating System above, assembling a team to develop the project scope and then beginning to assign roles and responsibilities. There are also a number of excellent webinars at Education @USGBC ( where you can use the filters on the left to find content related to existing buildings and specific energy and sustainability systems and practices. You may also want to look at the Global Alternative Compliance Paths for projects outside of the US, found here ( You may also want to try the Green Building Information Gateway ( and search for 'stadiums' to learn more about other similar green projects. I hope this is sufficient to get you started, and you are always welcome to direct specific questions to our team at ( Best of luck on the project!
Research Engineer, Hyundai Engineering & Construction
Hello, I'd like to ask 2 question about project that already got LEED BD+C ver3 in DEC.2015. Recently, we plan to change the building energy management system(control system, software), installed extra solar tube. And both will finished in Feb. 1) Can we apply LEED O+M in 2016 or is there a minimum period between BD+C and O+M? 2) Both ver.2009 and ver.4 are available? Thank you.
LEED Fellow, Green Building Specialist, USGBC Customer Service
Hi Seung-won, first, congratulations on LEED BD+C certification! We'd be thrilled to have your project team sign up for LEED O+M and there is no waiting period between certification of LEED BD+C and registration for LEED O+M. Do note however, the minimum performance periods for energy related credits (12 months) and many other credits (a minimum of 3 months) before the project team can submit for review. Please see the Reference Guides for specific information. LEED O+M v2009 is available for registration until October 31st, 2016 and LEED O+M v4 is open indefinitely. Best of luck on the project!
Is it the rating system Core and Shell v4 would be the best suit for current data center?
LEED Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
LEED v4 offers two dedicated rating system options for data centers: LEED BD+C: Data Centers for new construction/major renovations and LEED O+M: Data Centers for existing buildings as outlined in the LEED v4 Rating System Selection guidance found here:
What is best method & technic for green housing.
Director of LEED Support, U.S. Green Building Council
Are you looking for more information on LEED for Homes? Find an introduction to that rating system Here:
Consultant Engineer, Ingeniero Mario Pedro Hernandez
Hello, We have to organize an EB certification process, I have two questions: 1. Establishment Period should be before Registration or it begins with Registration. 2. I could see that Deadline for Registration for each version closes one year after the next subsequent rating system version launches Being already in Version 4, and registering the project for instance on febrerary , when will the Deadline be? Thank you
Green Building Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Paula - with regards to your two questions: 1) The Performance Period is not dependent on the registration date of the project in LEED Online, rather, it must meet all of the criteria outlined in the LEED EB O&M Rating System, and upon completion of the Performance Period, it must be submitted to GBCI for certification review within 60 calendar days of the end of the performance periods. Please see the rating system document (available here: and review the performance period criteria, timelines, and requirements on page xvii. 2) I am not sure if I perfectly understand the question, but right now, you may register for LEED EB O&M v4, or LEED EB O&M v2009. Once registered, project teams have at minimum, 6-years after the close of registration to submit for review before the sunset date of that rating system. // If I did not answer your specific question, or if you have additional questions about your specific project, please feel free to contact us at and select 'Certification Question'.
Consultant Engineer, Ingeniero Mario Pedro Hernandez
Thank you Monique, both questions were perfectly responded and now I have those issues clear. Paula
Operating Engineer, CBRE
Thank you Eric.
Operating Engineer, CBRE
I would like to know how much the study material costs in preperation for the exam? Thanks, Louis
LEED Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Hello Louis, In addition to the free resources available listed above, such as the rating system itself, the credit library, and the addenda database, other important study materials, such as the LEED v4 O+M Reference Guide, can be purchased in varying formats (hardcopy, e-document, web-based access). Prices can be found through our online Store ( A subscription to Education @USGBC will provide you access to even more helpful learning opportunities. Explore them here:

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