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How are new pilot credit proposals evaluated?


When a pilot credit proposal is received, USGBC staff will evaluate it for completeness. Pilot credits proposals must include an intent, requirements and submittal documentation, survey feedback questions, an identified guest expert, rating system applicability and any background or supporting information that should be considered.

  • Proposals are then evaluated across a number of metrics including but not limited to applicability to the goals of LEED, relative impact compared to other LEED credits or pilot credits, technical rigor and achievability, giving preference to performance-based credits.
  • Pilot credit proposals with requirements already found in the LEED rating system will not be approved.
  • Pilot credits that give points for the use of a single product will not be approved.
  • Proposals that require the use of a single certification program or rating standard to the exclusion of all others also are not permitted.

Proposals are then evaluated by the Pilot Credit Committee (PCC) and ultimately approved by the LEED Steering Committee.

An initial review of all proposals is completed by LEED staff or a member of the PCC, with comments returned to the pilot credit author

Next, the appropriate LEED Committees are identified to review the proposal, typically one of the LEED Technical Advisory Groups (TAGs)

After TAG review, the pilot proposal goes to the PCC for evaluation and on to the LSC for approval

Any of these committees can recommend that the pilot credit proposal be edited or not be considered for further review. As this process proceeds, USGBC staff will again contact the proposal’s authors to update them on the status of the credit and/or have any committee recommendations incorporated into a new draft.

If approved by the LSC, the pilot credit will be posted within one month and will remain open to project teams for at least one year.

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