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LEED Certification

How can I appeal a denied credit or prerequisite?


Any denied credits can be appealed either after the final design review or after the final construction review. New credits can also be attempted and submitted during using the appeal process.

To appeal, you will need to click the “Appeal” button after the final (2nd round of) review has been completed. The project team will then have the opportunity to select which credits to edit (by selecting the "Open to Update" status/button). Then, the team can edit the forms and upload the proper documentation for the credits/prerequisites being appealed, and mark them as “Complete.” If there are dependent credits (e.g. credits whose point totals would be affected by revisions to the underlying prerequisite that is being appealed) please follow the instructions in this related Help topic. The “Submit Appeal for Review” button will appear, and must be clicked in order to submit the appeal to GBCI for review. The project team will then be prompted to submit payment, at which time you should select your payment method.

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