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LEED Certification

How can we ‘Download All’ of the project documentation in LEED Online v2?


The ‘Download All’ functionality is only available in LEED Online v2 after the project achieves certification. Once certified, there are two ways to download all of the credit files:

  1. Enter the project in LEED Online, and in the credit scorecard and status tab, click 'Request/Download zip' under the 'Download All' box. This will redirect you to a link, and the project information will be available in approximately 24 hours.
  2. Directly access the download all for all projects that you are a member for from the website, here. Simply login, and request the download for the project that you would like to access. Again, usually, project information is available in approximately 24 hours.

Both of the options above usually take about 24 hours, but it sometimes takes additional time for the download to become available, based on the age of the project. If you have been waiting for an extended period of time, please feel free to contact us and we will gladly look into the issue.

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