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How do I access the credit forms offline?

LEED Online has two modes for working with credit forms, Online and Offline. You can set your default options from the main screen, once logged in. Click on the small gear icon on the top-right of the screen to access the general Application Settings for LEED Online. An offline forms functionality document detailing this process can be found here.

Application Settings

From here, you can change the way you access credit forms. The three options available to you are:

  • Online: This is the way that credit forms have been always been accessed in the past. You can continue to use this option as you have in the past.
  • Offline: This selection provides you with the option to download an editable version of credit forms, which can then be uploaded back to the system. You can work on forms directly from your computer without the need for access to the Internet, and upload them back to LEED Online at your convenience.
  • Auto: Let LEED Online decide! LEED Online will assess whether your browser is properly configured for using online forms. If so, it will bring you to them. If it detects that there are issues that would prevent the forms to work properly, you will be directed to the area for working with forms in offline mode.
Application Settings Two

Working with offline forms:

Credit forms can now be downloaded and re-uploaded to the system. From within the offline forms area, you will be presented with two initial options, ‘Download to View’ and ‘Download to Edit’.

Application Settings Three

If you simply wish to view the current state of the form, you can Download to View at any time without causing modification to the credit form. Download to Edit will allow you to make edits offline. Other users attempting to download the same form for edits will be notified that this form is already being edited by you. To check the form back in, upload it using the Upload Edited Form button. All users will then see the newly modified form that you have uploaded.

Frequently Asked Questions about offline forms

What is `Download to View`?

This option allows you to view the current version of the form without opening it for edits.

What is `Download to Edit`?

This option lets you "check out" the form to edit it. Only one user can have the form checked out at a time.

Are Online and Offline forms the same?

Yes, both online and offline forms are the same. Offline forms are provided as a convenience for those who experience issues viewing the forms online or prefer to work offline.

How do I modify my settings to always use offline forms?

You can modify LEED Online to show offline forms by default. To do this, click on the Application Settings icon on the landing page when you first log into LEED Online. Under the option for 'Credit Form Access Mode', choose 'Offline.'

Where can I view my uploaded forms?

Uploaded forms are processed immediately, so you can view your updated form by clicking the Download to View button, or viewing the form online.

How can I know who edited the form?

You can view details of who has edited the form in the credit activity log, located within the credit on the score card page. Clicking the road icon will show all the changes made for that credit.