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How do I control who has administrative privileges to my organization's profile?


The person who registers your organization as a member is automatically the primary contact for the account. If this becomes a problem (if the employee leaves the company, for example), contact Member Services to request a change.

After USGBC receives your company’s membership dues, the primary contact will set up a company profile in My Account. This person will control who has access to the account and their administrative privileges.

A “pending” tab lists employees awaiting approval to link to the member account. The admin will have to approve or deny individuals in this queue. Employees who linked themselves to the organization's account using either the company’s member ID or their company email address (if it matches the organization’s Web domain) will not need approval by the company administrator and will appear under the “employee” tab.

Employees have three privilege options in the “employee” tab:

  • Permission to edit the company profile, including contact information, logo and images, company description, projects, etc.
  • Permission to manage other employee privileges, such as accepting, denying and removing employees linked to the account.
  • Permission to delete employees from the account.

If the primary contact never gives permission to other employees to manage employee privileges, he or she will be the only one with “employee” and “pending” tabs.

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