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How do I maintain multiple LEED credentials?


The first LEED with specialty credential earned will be automatically designated the primary credential. Any subsequent LEED credentials earned will be considered the secondary credential(s). If you would like to change your primary credential, please contact us.

If you renew a LEED credential early and earn another LEED specialty, your CMP requirements for that specialty do not begin until your new reporting period.

Rules for maintaining multiple specialties:

  • If you are a LEED AP with multiple specialties you are not required to earn any additional general CE hours beyond the 24 per reporting period required for your primary specialty. However, for each additional specialty you will need to complete 6 additional hours of LEED-specific CE per reporting period for that specialty, (e.g., 24 general hours for LEED BD+C, plus 6 LEED-specific hours; plus 6 additional LEED-specific hours for LEED O+M = 36 hours in total). See wording on pages 6–7 of the CMP Guide.
  • If you are a LEED AP and you earn the SITES AP or WELL AP, all of your LEED CE hours (including LEED-specific) can count toward your 24 general CE hours for SITES and/or WELL, so you would only need an additional 6 SITES-specific hours and/or WELL-specific hours. This is like adding a LEED specialty.
  • Likewise, all hours reported for SITES or WELL CMP (including SITES-specific and WELL-specific), can be counted as LEED general CE hours. You must report all CE hours in each dashboard.


If the primary and secondary specialties are not earned at the same time, the CMP requirement for the secondary specialty is prorated for the reporting period in which the secondary specialty was earned. The reporting period stays the same. Please see the chart on page 7 of the CMP Guide.

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