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68 results

How do I access documentation from past reviews?

The snapshot button on the Timeline page will generate a zipped file of submitted documentation for a specific review...

How can I change the rating system or upgrade the version of my Homes project?

Please note it is not possible to change the rating system, building type or rating system version of an existing...

How can I locate a Green Rater or Provider in my region?

Please reference these lists of all current Provider Organizations and local Green Raters and review the Guide to...

What is a pre-review?

A pre-review refers to the review of energy models, ventilation rate procedure calculators and outdoor water demand...

Who do I contact to ask for technical advice?

Please reach out to your project’s Green Rater or Provider for technical assistance. They can contact the LEED for...

How can I get added to a project in LEED Online?

Individual Projects The project administrator can add team members to the project in LEED Online. Bulk...

How do I register a new LEED Residential project?

The rating systems listed below are currently open for registration in LEED Online: LEED v4 BD+C: Homes and...

What should I do if I can't find or access my LEED for Homes projects in LEED Online?

Make sure you are in LEED Online's Homes section. You may look through your list of projects or try searching by the...

Someone else has my LEED for Homes projects in their account. How can I gain access?

Please email with the project ID, address, city, state or any other identifying information.

I need to pay for a batch, but my projects are listed individually. How do I get them into a bulk registration group?

Email with the individual project IDs so we can transfer them into a bulk registration group.

When should I pay certification fees for my homes project?

Certification fees can be paid on the following timeline to ensure accurate payments. Certification payment must be...

How do I access the credit forms offline?

LEED Online has two modes for working with credit forms, Online and Offline. You can set your default options from the...