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16 results

How do I submit a Project Credit Interpretation Ruling (CIR)?

Although full functionality for formal inquiries is still under development, Project CIRs & LIs may now be submitted...

How do I know what new guidance I need to follow?

Project teams will be held to Addenda (Corrections + Interpretations) that have been published prior to their...

What is a LEED Interpretation?

LEED Interpretations are official answers to formal technical inquiries about implementing LEED on a project. They help...

What do I do if I have a suggestion or question on published guidance?

Please feel free to let us know any comments by using the “Ask A Question” feature.

Where are the Addenda published?

You can search for Addenda in the Addenda Database. Addenda also are published in tables, organized by page number of...

What are Addenda?

Addenda incorporate changes, improvements to LEED rating systems and reference guides to help clarify, correct,...

Can you see a list of addenda by date?

Yes, you can search by date range or one date only. You can also set a date, such as the project registration date, and...

How do I know if a particular LEED Interpretation applies to my project?

If a credit that a project is attempting is listed as applicable under the ‘Applicable credits’ section of the...

How do I search for LEED Interpretations?

You may use the searchable database found here to look for relevant LEED Interpretations. Alternatively, access...

What is the difference between a LEED Interpretation and a Project Credit Interpretation Ruling (CIR)?

LEED Interpretations are similar to Project CIRs but they are precedent setting as the results can be applied to all...

What is a Project Credit Interpretation Ruling (CIR)?

The Project Credit Interpretation Ruling (CIR) process is designed to allow Project Teams to obtain technical guidance...

How often are Addenda published?

Addenda are published as frequently as quarterly, with the first quarterly release occurring January 1st.