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29 results

My company isn't a member. How else can I be involved?

We encourage you to participate in USGBC at the community level. Communities provide local opportunities for active...

I joined the wrong chapter. What do I do?

Please email our membership customer service department at They handle mistakes made during the...

How can my organization join USGBC?

By joining USGBC, your organization stands with thousands of others in support of the green building movement. USGBC...

How do I receive my member employee discount?

All full-time employees of member companies are eligible to receive the member discount. When purchasing something from...

Where can I find my member ID?

The Member ID is the unique identifier for your organization’s membership and is given to your company's administrator....

How can I apply my company's member discount toward my purchase?

One of the many benefits of being a member is the discount, which is available to full-time employees of member...

What happens if I give someone the privilege to manage employees in my company’s member account?

By adding an additional employee to your company's member account, you're providing them with access to manage the main...

Can I join USGBC as an individual?

USGBC national membership is solely for companies and organizations. But you can join USGBC’s local and regional...

How much does it cost to join USGBC?

Annual dues are based on the level of benefits and access that you select. Learn more.

What are Emerging Professionals (EP)?

EP is a vibrant, community-based program that focuses on professionals who are new to the green building industry and...

How do I renew my organization's membership?

Ninety days before your company’s renewal deadline, you and all other employees will receive a renewal reminder...

What is the difference between USGBC Students and Emerging Professionals?

USGBC Students is an initiative geared toward making American college campuses more sustainable. Whereas EP is...