Congrats! You've earned LEED certification.

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Showcase your achievement with LEED certificates & signage.

Your project joins a select group of leaders in the built environment. Here are some ways you can tell your building's story.

  • Order a certificate: LEED certificates are available through Green Plaque. You can order a free set of five or 10 hard copy certificates and a formal certification letter. Copies are available for a fee. Request a certificate.
  • Shop LEED plaques: Shop from our official vendors for LEED plaques and signage. Visit Green Plaque or for U.S.-based shipping. For international projects, explore Sign of Green's online store.
  • Display a badge: Celebrate and promote your accomplishment online by adding a LEED badge to your website. Get the digital badges package.

For questions about how to use a certification mark or certificate or how a plaque can be displayed, check out our trademark policy and branding guidelines. Teams can begin ordering from our vendors within one week of accepting certification. If your project information is not available on our vendors' website, customers should reach out directly to Green Plaque and via their contact us link.

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Access USGBC's PR Guidelines for LEED Projects for tips and ideas to help tell your building's story.

Download the PR guidelines


Update your LEED project profile in our directory.


Every LEED-certified project has a dedicated space on Claim yours by updating your project's profile page with photos, an overview or even a video. Make sure your project's status is not marked as confidential, or private, in LEED Online before submitting content for your project profile. Additionally, confidential, or private, certified projects are not entitled to use the LEED certification mark.

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Manage your project’s performance with Arc

You now have free access to Arc to track and report required energy and water data. In addition, you can use Arc to track waste, transportation, and human experience data, which you can use to evaluate your overall sustainability performance, and understand how it compares to other similar buildings in your region, and globally.

Visit Arc to manage performance


How do I update my project's confidential status?

To update your project’s status, you can either: have your project administrator contact GBCI, or update the confidentiality information directly in LEED Online via LEED Online for v4 or v2009 or LEED Online v2. Once your certified project is listed as non-confidential, it will display in the project directory and you will be authorized to use the LEED certification logos. It may take up to 24 hours for the project directory to update.

Update your project’s status.

What are the submission requirements for a LEED project profile?
  1. At least two photos (each photo must be under 10MB; one must be horizontal)
  2. A project overview summarizing how the project used the LEED rating system to achieve sustainability
  3. A signed legal release form

Once you have submitted your profile content, you’ll receive a notification email confirming that we have received your entry. Please note that we cannot accept forms that include more than 20MB in file attachments.

How long will it take for my project profile's content to be added?

At USGBC, we appreciate all submissions and thoroughly review each in an effort to ensure all information that’s published on our website is accurate.

Please allow 8-10 business days for us to process and post your LEED project profile. For any LEED claims — such as, “Our project was the first in Washington, D.C., to achieve LEED Platinum certification under the LEED ID+C rating system” — please allow for an additional 5-6 business days for us to verify the claim before we publish your content.

For any questions, please contact us at

Where can I get a LEED logo for use?

If you recently were involved in certifying a project, please email the name of the project, its location and year certified, and we’ll send the appropriate artwork for your use.

If your organization is a member of USGBC, you can find a downloadable USGBC member logo in your account. Simply log into your account, and select the "Account" link in the left-hand sidebar, and then select "Membership."

How can I submit high resolution photos of our certified project(s)?

We would love to add your project photos to our curated collection. Photos may include the interior and exterior of your project, with or without people, green building strategies implemented, materials, educational and branding signage, etc.

Photos will be used in educational programming, media inquiries, multimedia projects and presentations. Please complete our image and content release form which includes a link to directly upload your photos into our collection. Thank you for helping us tell the green building story.

Any questions?

For questions about how to use a certification mark or certificate or how a plaque can be displayed, check out our trademark policy and branding guidelines.

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