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Created on July 8, 2017

Reference Guide Correction

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Rating System

LEED BD+C: New Construction, LEED BD+C: Core and Shell, LEED BD+C: Schools, LEED BD+C: Retail, LEED BD+C: Healthcare, LEED BD+C: Data Centers, LEED BD+C: Hospitality, LEED BD+C: Warehouses and Distribution Centers

Rating System Version

v4 - LEED v4

Ref Guide Name and Edition v4:

Building Design and Construction, v4 edition

Description of Change

Add the following to the end of the LEED Certification Process section:

There are also two alternative certification processes for owners with multiple buildings pursuing LEED certification, (1) LEED volume certification and (2) LEED campus certification. This reference guide covers credit-specific guidance for LEED campus certification. In some cases the LEED campus certification is used to achieve one single certification for many buildings (group certification project) and in others it used to achieve pre-approval for credits to be utilized by a number of certifications (campus credits).

See www.gbci.org for more information about the review processes and eligibility requirements.

Replace More about the further explanation, Campus Projects section with following:
The Campus section is for projects using LEED campus certification.

The guidance under Group Approach must be followed by group certification projects. Group certification projects receive a single certification for all buildings included in the group, but are still required to demonstrate credit compliance at the building level for some credits. If the guidance under Group Approach states “All buildings in the group may be documented as one.”, then credit compliance can be demonstrated for the group as a whole, for example, by pooling resources or purchasing. However, if the guidance under Group Approach states “Submit separate documentation for each building.”, then credit compliance must be demonstrated for each building individually, for example, by performing one calculation per building.

The guidance under Campus Approach must be followed by projects pursuing the credit as a campus credit. Note that an additional registration and review under a master site is required, which results in a pre-approval of the credit for all projects registered under the master site. Only certain credits are available and appropriate to be pursued at the campus level. The guidance under Campus Approach will indicate whether the credit is “Eligible.” or “Ineligible.”. If the credit is ineligible, each project may still earn the credit but it must be pursued during the regular individual or group project review process rather than through the master site.

Under Multitenant Complex, revise second sentence to : Any project can follow the multitenant complex approach if it is part of a master plan development, regardless of whether the project is using LEED campus certification.

Under Projects with several physically distinct structures, replace first sentence with:
"Primary and secondary school projects, hospitals (general medical and surgical), hotels, resorts, and resort properties, as defined for ENERGY STAR building rating purposes, with more than one physically distinct structure do not have to use the campus certification process (and register the project as a group certification project) if the following conditions are met."

and replace "group certification approach" in the last sentence with "group certification project"

Add 2 columns to the Quick Reference Table

Under Minimum Program Requirements, 2. Must use reasonable LEED boundaries, revise the third bullet, second subbullet to:
"If another building within the LEED project boundary is eligible for LEED certification, it may be either included or not included in the certification. If included, the project must be registered as a group certification project and the LEED campus certification process must be used."
and fourth bullet to:
Sites with a master plan and/or phased development must designate a LEED project boundary for each LEED project."

Credit Category Introduction/Other
International Applicable Not internationally applicable
Campus Applicable Campus applicable
Page 6, 10, 14, 19-25, 29
Location Preface, Getting Started, Minimum Program Requirements