100002188 - Remove definition of "Measurement and Verification" from BD+C v4 ref guide – SSc Tenant Design & Construction Guidelines | U.S. Green Building Council
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Created on October 2, 2017

Reference Guide Correction

ID# 100002188

Rating System

LEED BD+C: Core and Shell

Rating System Version

v4 - LEED v4

Ref Guide Name and Edition v4:

Building Design and Construction, v4 edition

Applicable Credits

Name : Tenant design and construction guidelines
Rating system : Core and Shell,
Rating system version : v4

Description of Change

Remove the definition for "Measurement and Verification". It is a relic from v2009 and should not be included in this reference guide. Strike the entire paragraph that reads:

"Measurement and Verification
Describe the building’s measurement and verification plan, including the International Performance Measurement
and Verification Protocol option and how the Core and Shell measurement and verification plan will be carried out.
Provide information about protocols that tenants can use to create their own measurement and verification plans."

Credit Name Tenant design and construction guidelines
Credit Category Sustainable sites
International Applicable Internationally applicable
Campus Applicable Not campus applicable
Page 232
Location Further Explanation section -> Subject-Specific Guidance