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Created on July 8, 2017

LEED Interpretation

ID# 10464

Rating System

LEED BD+C: Homes, LEED BD+C: Multifamily Midrise

Rating System Version

v4 - LEED v4


ENERGY STAR for Homes and ENERGY STAR Multifamily Highrise have requirements on how to perform load calculations and then sizing heating and cooling equipment to those loads. Is our project required to follow the EPA guidance for equipment sizing requirements?


Homes and Midrise projects must follow HVAC load calculation and equipment selection sizing guidelines laid out by the EPA, specifically in the ENERGY STAR for Homes or ENERGY STAR Multifamily Highrise programs. These requirements include:

Cooling system total capacity must be is 95- 115% of total heat gain, or next nominal size.

Heating system total capacity must be 100-140% of total heat loss, or next nominal size.

Parameters used in the design calculations shall reflect the unit’s actual specifications, specifically, outdoor design temperatures, orientation, number of bedrooms, conditioned floor area, window area, predominant window performance and insulation levels, infiltration rate, mechanical ventilation rate, presence of MERV6 or better filter, and indoor temperature setpoints = 70° F for heating; 75°F for cooling.

In addition, the internal loads must be within 80% to 200% that of 2009 ASHRAE Handbook of Fundamentals, or 80% to 150% of Manual J v8. If there are uncommon internal loads, they can be added as supplemental calculations outside of these limits, but the mechanical engineer will have to support their claim for adding any these additional internal loads.

Applicable Credits

Name : Minimum energy performance
Rating system : Mid-rise,
Rating system version : v4

Name : Minimum energy performance
Rating system : Homes,
Rating system version : v4

Credit Name Minimum energy performance
Credit Category Energy & atmosphere
International Applicable Internationally applicable
Campus Applicable Not campus applicable