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Created on October 2, 2017

LEED Interpretation

ID# 10468

Rating System

LEED BD+C: New Construction, LEED BD+C: Core and Shell, LEED BD+C: Schools, LEED BD+C: Retail, LEED BD+C: Healthcare, LEED BD+C: Data Centers, LEED BD+C: Hospitality, LEED BD+C: Warehouses and Distribution Centers

Rating System Version

v4 - LEED v4


The intent of LEED v4 EA credit Demand Response is to “make energy generation and distribution systems more efficient, increase grid reliability, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.” Our project is built to function off grid. Can we achieve points under this credit?


Clarification is requested regarding compliance with LEED v4 EA credit Demand Response for projects built to function off grid or achieve net zero energy. Projects built to function off grid or projects that achieve net zero energy may earn up to 2 points as described below:

• Off Grid Projects: Projects that are built to function off grid, with all energy demands met on-site, earn 2 points under the credit.
• Net Zero projects: Projects that achieve net zero and/or projects that on a net annual basis supply 100% of their electric energy from an on-site renewable generation source can achieve 2 points under the credit as follows:
o Comply using the published demand response credit requirements OR
o Document that renewable energy generation will provide at least 80% of the building electric demand during the seasonal and time-of-day periods when local utility grid demand is highest (top 10%). Documentation must be provided indicating the seasonal and time-of-day periods when local utility grid demand is highest (top 10%); and indicating the coinciding estimated hourly renewable generation and building peak electric demand during those periods.

Applicable Credits

Name : Demand response
Rating system : New Construction,Core and Shell,Schools - New Construction,Retail - New Construction,Healthcare,Data centers - New Construction,Hospitality - New Construction,Warehouse and distribution centers - New Construction,
Rating system version : v4

Credit Name Demand response
Credit Category Energy & atmosphere
International Applicable Internationally applicable
Campus Applicable Not campus applicable