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Created on January 5, 2018

LEED Interpretation

ID# 10470

Rating System

LEED BD+C: Homes

Rating System Version

v4 - LEED v4


LEED Interpretation 10422 provides a pathway for LEED v4 Homes projects located in California to use Title 24-2013 to comply with the Energy and Atmosphere credit category. Can my project use Title 24-2016 Part 6 in order to comply with the Energy and Atmosphere credit category?


Yes. Projects in California may use the standard LEED for Homes v4 scoring approaches for the Energy and Atmosphere section, or they may elect to use this ACP, which combines energy modeling to Title 24-2016 Part 6 and EA credit High-Efficiency Appliances.

The Title 24 energy models must be performed by a CEA. All aspects of ENERGY STAR v3 Homes are met by Title 24 2016 compliance, save for the two following measures, which must be met by all projects:

1) Cooling equipment selection and sizing limits. All installed cooling equipment must be sized within the following parameters.

Compressor Type:
Single-Speed: 90-130%
Two-Speed: 90-140%
Variable-Speed: 90-160%

2) External static pressure of ducted heating and cooling systems must be measured by a qualified energy rater at contractor-provided test locations

Scoring in EA credit Annual Energy Use is as follows:
Points for reducing energy usage below T-24 2016 Energy Design Rating (EDR) of Standard Efficiency

% savings Points
1% 5
2% 6
3% 7
4% 8
5% 9
6% 10
7% 11
8% 12
9% 13
10% 14
13% 15
16% 16
20% 17
25% 18
30% 19
35% 20
40% 21
50% 22
60% 23
70% 24
80% 25
90% 26
100% 27

In addition, Title 24-2016 Homes projects that are zero net energy (ZNE) - as defined by site energy, source energy, or TDV - are granted maximum points and don’t need to complete the Home Size Adjuster.

The percent savings over T-24 2016 baseline is calculated using the project’s Energy Design Rating (EDR).

Title 24 savings = 1 - (Final Proposed EDR / EDR of Standard Efficiency)

This information is found on the Energy Design Rating tab of CBECC-Res, as well as the CF1R-PRF-01 report

**April 9, 2019 Update:
Add a third required measure to the LEED interpretation for projects complying with Title 24 as an ACP to ENERGY STAR v3 Homes:

3) Completion of California Quality Installed Insulation (QII), or the LEED Multifamily Thermal Enclosure Checklist, may be used in lieu of the ENERGY STAR v3 Rater Field Checklist, Thermal Enclosure System section.

Applicable Credits

Name : Annual energy use
Rating system : Homes,
Rating system version : v4

Name : Minimum energy performance
Rating system : Homes,
Rating system version : v4

Credit Name Annual energy use
Credit Category Energy & atmosphere
International Applicable Not internationally applicable
Campus Applicable Not campus applicable
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