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Andrew Sterling


Beverly Hills, California

Andrew Sterling’s long career in financing, real estate and development
began with his employment at Bank of America. While working for B of A,
Andrew helped revolutionize cross selling of banking products direct to its
customers. After spending the latter part of the nineties implementing the
same techniques for several startup and franchised firms, Andrew graduated
from Cal State Northridge in 2001 with a degree in economics and computer

Soon after completing his economics degree, Andrew worked for several law
firms and studio entities developing products in order to streamline their
businesses as well as to enable their employees to work more efficiently.
After working with mortgage bankers and helping them develop new mortgage
products, in 2003 Andrew through these same mortgage bankers was
re-introduced to the financing business. Through this process Andrew applied
and was issued a Real Estate Broker’s license.

In 2004 Andrew founded H.I.S. Loans and Real Estate Inc., were there he
implemented all the systems and products he had developed. These
revolutionary systems helped Andrew’s company grow into a multi
million-dollar company, only a year after startup. In 2005 Andrew applied for
and was issued a Lending license. He used this license to directly lend money
to consumers as well as develop new products.

Leading up to 2007 Andrew was involved in several development projects either
through financing or investing. Through these projects Andrew gained the
experience needed in building and development. In September 2007 Andrew
applied for and was issued a General Contractors B License, which he used to
expand his real estate experience. Andrew worked on several projects, which
included multi-residential and commercial developments. In 2009 Andrew worked
on several LEED certified projects and gained experience in green building.

After 2008 Andrew spent several years studying Real Estate and Business Law
at Taft Law School. Attending law school helped him learn and interpret law.
Even though Law school helped Andrew build upon his skills and experience,
the law business was not really his passion.

Between 2010 and 2012 Andrew was yet again involved in several projects,
which included all aspects of real estate. For example in Torrance,
California, a project required all of Andrew’s skills, be it in financing,
real estate and development. The project started by using his real estate
skills in order to identify a suitable property, thereafter the project
required financing and lastly the development experience was needed to add
square footage in order to add additional value.

In July of 2007 Andrew founded Sterling Construction Co. The reason for its formation was
to create a vertically integrated real estate development company that can
touch upon each aspect of the real estate transaction under one company. This
revolutionary way of looking at a real estate company was in essence
Andrew’s core business practice but it was previously never combined into
one entity. Andrew was able to grow the business from a startup into a multi
million-dollar finance, real estate and development company.