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chris gregoris

Chris Gregoris How to relieve chapped lips with yogurt?

For people who tend to have dry skin, chapped lips are a nightmare in the winter and in windy conditions. mr chris gregoris Sticks sold in pharmacy are very effective, but can be quite expensive, so here's how to relieve your lips for less!


Pour into a bowl full pot of natural yoghurt.
You can use any type of yogurt e moment it is nature, mr chris gregoris however, it will be better to use a high enough fat yogurt.

Now press a beautiful lemon in order to get the juice.
Now pour ten drops of lemon juice in your yogurt.
Mix well so that the yogurt is well impregnated with lemon.

Now take a small spatula like doctors and apply this cream on your lips. mr chris gregoris Then ask you leave the mixture on your lips for 3 good quarter of an hour.
Rinse with warm water and dry with a soft towel.

How to tighten the pores of his skin with yogurt?

In addition to its rich minerals and calcium intakes and its undeniable effects on digestive comfort, yogurt has many virtues for the skin. Indeed, you could learn to appreciate well beyond its various flavors and textures because if you want to refine your skin texture and tighten your pores, this homemade recipe straight out of your kitchen is for you. mr chris gregoris A repeated as often as you wish for still more beautiful!

Yogurt you just take a few days has expired and you do not know if you can still eat. This is a question that we all asked. Here is some information about the use-by dates and deadlines for optimal use to better manage its expired food.


For fresh products such as meat, fish or dairy products, the date shown on the packaging is a use-by date. mr chris gregoris This must be observed after as there is a risk of gastro, listeriosis or salmonellosis.

Pasteurized yogurt and other fresh products are an exception. They can be eaten up to two weeks after the expiry date provided that the smell is normal and that the cap is not inflated.

Once you open the product, by date no longer applies. mr chris gregoris You must consume food within 48 hours and always ensure kept refrigerated in an airtight container.

Regarding dry goods, the date shown on the packaging is a deadline for optimal use. The product can be consumed beyond this date, but the flavor will be deteriorated. Food consumed beyond the deadline for optimal use presents no danger to your health.